Air Integrated Computer

When considering an Air Integrated Computer, remember aAll dive computers will calculate the diver’s actual diving profile and give maximum bottom dive limits based on their profile. When you give the diving computer access to the divers air supply you have an air integrated diving computer.

VT Pro comuter

When a diver uses the air integrated functions in the scuba computer, the computer will be able to calculate the air consumption of the diver. This function now opens up the capability to not only viewing remaining bottom dive based on your diving model, but remaining air supply measured in minutes based on the diver’s air consumption. Now instead of looking at 900 psi, the diver reads 9 minutes left. Add a couple of alarms and soon you can have a backup reminder of your dive plan (maximum depth and returning air).

These computers can be divided into two categories:

• Wireless

• Hose

For wireless dive computers, the transmitter is attached to the high pressure port on the regulator and will communicate with the computer while it updates the computer with current air pressure readings. The wrist computers that offer this air integration are the Oceanic Atom and Aeris Epic. . Another great feature is that these computers is that they will calculate Nitrox blends up to 99% and will allow up to three different gas blends during a single dive.

Sherwood Wisdom Computer Air integrated computers that use a hose attached to the first stage of the divers regulator, the air transducer is installed into the computer module. You can save a couple hundred dollars by choosing this option over the wireless configuration.

The Sherwood Wisdom 2 is a great example of this type of computer using a hose. By measuring the diver’s bottom time and depth every couple of seconds the diver is assured of one of the most accurate diving models available today. Now adding some alarms and the capability of measuring the diver’s air supply, the diver has an all in one device.

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