Wisdom Computer

The latest Sherwood Wisdom computer (Wisdom 2)is a full function NITROX/AIR capable scuba diving computer. It is packed full of diver usable features and functions. Many of our own staff instructors use this very computer. It has everything except a wireless transmitter and multiple gas blend selection during your SCUBA dive (If you want these functions, plan to spend a couple hundred dollars extra).

Sherwood Wisdom Computer

Like all top of the line dive computers, you always know where you are in your dive profile. The Wisdom measures depth, dive time at depth, air supply and calculates nitrogen loading as well as air consumption. On the Nitrox side of the world, the Wisdom adjusts for EAN levels up to 50% and measures the diver’s Oxygen exposure.

Unlike those smaller watch style computers, you can actually read the display with minimum effort and squinting. With the backlit display even diving at night, this display is extremely easy to read. It is so bright; don’t be tempted to use the display as a backup dive light.

The Wisdom comes with 8 user selectable settings for dive reminders and warnings:

• Maximum depth limits 30 -399 Alarm on/off

• (PO2) Oxygen exposure adjustable PO2 1.2 -1.6

• Ascent Rate Alarm on/off

• Safety Stop Reminder Alarm on/off

• Turn around pressure 1000 – 3000 PSI Alarm on/off

• End pressure 300 – 1500 SI Alarm on/off

• Deco Alarm on/off

• PO2 Alarm on/off

• Dive Time Reserve (DTR) 1- 30 minutes Alarm on/off

Additionally the diver has the capability to set:

• EAN mixtures up to 50%

• Desired PO2 value 1.2 – 1.6 ATA

• Altitude Adustable to 14,000 feet.

For those of us who record every dive religiously, the Sherwood Wisdom 2 will record up to 50 dives (Date and Time stamped).

Lastly there are three options that every diver should consider with their Wisdom computer:

• A very nice attached compass

• Quick disconnect to allow the diver to pack the computer separately from the rest of the regulator.

• USB connection to download your dives onto your home laptop or computer.

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