Choosing a good Snorkeling Mask.

If the snorkeling mask leaks it is a piece of junk. Many snorkelers just go out a buy a cheap mask, the problem here is cheap mask are made from cheap materials and the mask will leak within the near future. PVC or plastic mask skirts get hard and crack when exposed to Chlorine and sunlight.

A good silicone skirt will make a better seal and last longer. The elastic nature of silicone will give you years of good service. Silicone skirts come in two colors; black and clear. Clear silicone will let in more light. Black silicone will block the light, a favorite among underwater photographers.

Now it’s time to try the mask on your face. Lace the mask on your face without the strap. Look into a mirror and make sure the seal is against your skin and not against some facial hair, like eye brows or a mustache.

Now lightly inhale through your nose a hold your breath. The mask should seal around your face with no air leaks. Make sure your nose is comfortable in the nose pocket.

Now place the mask strap around your head. If you have long hair, you might want to think about adding a neoprene mask strap. Your hair will appreciate it.

Now for the last step before you buy the mask, put your snorkel in your mouth, while wearing the mask. Believe it or not, but occasionally when the snorkel is in your mouth, the mask will break its seal around your upper lip.

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