Choosing your next purge mask

Purge Mask – Have you considered one?

This mask hasbeen around since the 1960’s, but with some of the new purge masks now on the market, it might be worth the extra $10 or $15 dollars.

These masks have a one way valve positioned around the nose pocket. The purge valve can be useful in clearing your mask. Everyone learns how to clear their mask without a purge, so why would it be useful?

It all started with underwater hunters and photographers. With one hand busy holding onto something, it soon became apparent the being able to clear your mask without the use of your hands was something to cheer about. The problem with the old masks in the past was the neoprene rubber would eventually crack and the mask would leak.

Today’s masks are made with silicone rubber. The silicone is elastic and will give you years of service. Maybe its time to consider some of these purge masks:

1. XS Scuba – Fusion Mask. This mask has a customer skirt that allows the air bubbles to flow outside of your field of view.

2. Scuba Max – MK170 Mask. This mask gives you a full panoramic field of view without having you vision blocked by the mask frame.

3. U.S. Divers – Avalon Mask. This mask’s skirt is made from PVC (plastic). It is pretty inexpensive.

4. Oceanic – Prizm2 Mask. This mask fits most medium to large faces. I like the high volume purge value and most students love it during the mask clearing exercise in their open water class.

5. Sherwood – Magnum Ex Mask. This mask is one of the very few lower volume masks with side windows. This mask will fit most large faces.

6. Zeagle – Ranger Mask. This mask comes in its own hard case and is made of crystal silicone. This is a low volume, very comfortable mask.

7. SeaVision – Transvision 2000 Mask. This is the mask I wear. Besides the standard purge and black silicone rubber. What I love most about the mask is the color correcting lens. I feel this mask gives me a truer color balancing for my underwater photos.

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