Full Face Mask

Why dive in a full face mask?

Most divers new to SCUBA diving think that Full Face Masks (FFM)are only good for commercial divers or if you need to communicate auditory to other divers. While these uses are perfect for the FFM, there are many other reasons to consider one.

No leaks - with a positive pressure regulator this mask will not leak. Since this type of mask is designed to seal around your face and with the regulator set specifically for the mask, it is nearly impossible for the mask to flood. Even if you remove the mask under water, just reseal the mask to your face and exhale or use the purge valve to clear the mask.

Increased visibility - your visibility under water will increase while using the FFM. Traditional FFM position the glass lens as close to the divers eyes as possible. The closer the lens gets the wider field of view the diver has. With Full Face masks, the lens surrounds the complete field of view. This mask even helps divers with claustrophobia.

More comfort - your comfort underwater will increase. With the FFM will eliminate jaw fatigue caused by biting down on the regulator mouth piece. The regulator is mounted onto the mask and does not use the mouthpiece.

Security of the mask on your face will increase. As a Scuba instructor, an occasional student with flailing arms will knock my mask askew. When I wear my Ocean Reef mask with its multi-strap head piece, the mask is very difficult to know off.

Relaxation - you can relax with this mask. Anytime you can breathe naturally and calmly underwater you will relax. Inhaling through your mouth or nose is just plain relaxing.

Communication is a breeze when you can actually talk underwater. I give my students the receiver to attach to their traditional mask and then I can just talk to them while underwater. Now, I can point out fish, ask about air supply and remind them to stay with their buddy.

I use the Ocean Reef Neptune mask and besides underwater communications, it offers integrated video and even a heads up display.

As with all new scuba equipment, ask an instructor to walk through its use and maintenance. I even would recommend trying it in the pool before that first dive.

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